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Ready to upgrade? Sell your old or broken phone, tablet, laptop or computer!

No matter how great your old phone, tablet, laptop, or computer is, you will have to bid farewell at some point. Are you also ready to upgrade and walk with time? Then we will assist you in selling your old device at decent rates without much hassle.  Give us a call at (763) 321-9435, and our professional customer care will guide you about the selling process thoroughly.

When the new model release in the market, the price of the old one drops, but we will offer you a reasonable amount in cash. We serve to enhance your quality of life by making upgrading as stress-free as possible! The final call is always yours!

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Fair Cash Offers

Regardless of the model, usage, and condition of your device, Logitium always offers fair cash! We strive to make upgrading effortless for you.

10 Days Price Lock

If you need some time to think, no worries, the price will remain the same as we offer 10 Days Price Lock just for you.

Same-Day In-Store Payouts

We receive the device with one hand and give the cash with the other. With us, you will never have to wait for what is rightfully yours.

Selling To Us Is Safe

At Logitium, protecting your privacy is of our utmost value. We will delete all the data and information stored in the device on the spot, ensuring safe selling!

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