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Of all the good reasons to choose Logitium for your electronic repairs, perhaps none is more important than our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools. When you select PSI to repair your electronic components, they are thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed using advanced test equipment and proprietary software techniques. Your electronic components are then repaired by our trained, conscientious electronics technicians, who have been certified in ESD and IPC electronics repair and rework standards. After the repair is completed, your component is 100% functionality tested to guarantee repair integrity.

General Repairs

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Printed Circuit Board Repairs
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Repairs
  • CNC Control Repairs
  • NC Control Repairs
  • Welder Control Repairs
  • Industrial Control Repairs
  • Electronic Terminal Repairs
  • Electronic Display Repairs
  • Fastening System Repairs
  • Bar Code Reader Repairs
  • Timer Repairs
  • Light Curtain Repairs
  • Gate Turn-Off Thyristor (GTO) Repairs
  • Inverter Repairs
  • H-bridge (a.k.a. hub converter) Repairs
  • Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor (IGBT) Repairs
  • Capacitor Bank Repairs